One mile is the perfect distance to challenge both your speed and your strength.


GO LONG A mile may be just over four laps on a track, but getting the best version of you across the finish line requires some long-distance training. Spend time on the track to build speed and on the road/trail to build strength and endurance.


KNOW YOUR HISTORY Use the Nike+ Running App to track your progress. As your running improves, you should be training at faster paces for longer distances. To see your mile splits, turn your phone to “landscape orientation” on the “run details” screen.


FIND YOUR FAST Speed work is essential for running a faster mile—a track is not. All you need is the desire to do the work. Simply use the Nike+ App or a watch with GPS to plot out the distance (1/4-mile, 1/2-mile, 3/4-mile, etc.) that you should be completing for each interval, and then you can do your laps anywhere you want.