You’ve probably heard some wacky things about running.
Allow us to break down what’s fiction and fact.

Fewer inches mean fewer distractions, but you don’t have to don a singlet and racing shorts to be a legit runner. Check to see all of the many styles out there. YOU HAVE TO JOG IN PLACE AT EVERY STOPLIGHT Killer moves on the corner, huh? Some folks prefer to keep moving at all times and it’s a personal preference, but it’s okay to chill midrun. And your numbers don’t have to suffer; the Nike+ Running App will stop when you stop, so you don’t have to worry about rushing to hit pause. RUNNING BRINGS BATHROOM STRESS The reality is, anything could happen. But try to be prepared. If you’re heading out on a Long Run, plan your route to take you by a few public toilets. If you’re hitting the trails, don’t be afraid to become one with nature. MILES ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTER Don’t just grind out the miles for the sake of hitting a bigger number. A number can’t capture the quality of a workout—the true measure of a run is how you felt and what kind of effort you gave. YOU SHOULD CARBO-LOAD BEFORE A RACE Eating enough calories (and getting enough sleep) is super important before you take the starting line, but you don’t need to have a pasta binge unless you’re tackling a marathon distance or longer. Too many carbohydrates can actually slow you down on a shorter race. RUNNERS ARE LONERS Sure, running is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. But it’s a social sport. Attend any run club or race and you’ll see just how vibrant and welcoming the running community is. RUNNERS ARE WEIRDOS WITH THEIR OWN VOCABULARY (AND WHAT’S WITH THE WAVING?) Like any sport, running has some technical terms. Just check out our Runner’s Lingo section for help with those. Runners do tend to get excited about stuff most people wouldn’t understand (“I knocked out five strides and a tempo run. Wooo!”). But we mean well. Runners just love running—it’s our subculture. RUNNING IS BORING That’s not even a myth. That’s an excuse. Just check out our totally unbiased list of Reasons Why Running Is Awesome in the feed. IF I’M HAVING FUN, I CAN’T BE A REAL RUNNER This may be the most unfortunate misconception of all. Too many people think running has to be a grind—that serious runners are a particular type of person that inexplicably enjoys pain. But it’s supposed to be fun! If you start smart, develop a routine, make some running friends, find your groove and begin seeing progress, you’ll fall in love.