LeBron James Five personas emerge to represent LeBron’s do-it-all ability through the games’ positions. The King’s court senses come together to create the perfect starting five: the backcourt combination of a ferocious scorer and an all-seeing playmaker, meet the frontcourt of a regal floor general, a workhorse that strives for greatness and a center strong enough to stay committed to his team and keep all his promises. That’s not just a great team assembled. It’s The Strongest.


Fresh Bred Inspired by history and forged in competition, only The Strongest can walk in the shoes of greatness with a Fresh Bred attitude to reach championship level excellence. With the stakes high, no opponent’s ready for the onslaught of buckets and masterful defense coming their way when LeBron’s going for glory.


20_20 The Strongest always see the full spectrum of possibilities, and LeBron’s crazy court vision has translated his whole career. A naturally gifted visionary, he see’s everything on the floor: he knows his plays, his opponents’ plays; he even knows your ticket seat number. In any situation, LeBron makes magic happen.


King An empire built on performance and integrity, LeBron’s done it all: titles, MVP’s, ‘youngest to’ records, the 30k -- 8k -- 8k -- club’s sole member. Dominant in all he does, the King colorway speaks to LeBron’s regal reign as the best basketball player in the world.


I Promise When put in seemingly impossible positions, LeBron turns challenges into promises kept. All for his city, all for his team, The Strongest Kid from Akron delivers on even his boldest promises.


SFG Through a work ethic engrained early on, The Strongest only understands the grind. Inspired by the values of hard work he learned in Akron, the Strive For Greatness colorway represents LeBron’s family, his city and his tireless effort to live up to his personal mantra: Strive For Greatness.


LeBron 16 "20_20"


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