Kyrie Irving:
Third Eye Vision
Kyrie questions everything. He even questions himself. This curiosity drives him to experiment on-court and make impossible plays. It also led Kyrie to discover the concept of Third Eye Vision, a meditative state that could help you reach your full potential.


“Third Eye [Vision] represents, the truth, the power that is internal that you share with the world,” Kyrie says. “It’s being able to not only question yourself but question the norm. It’s OK to wonder about what this world entails for you."


Kyrie believes his free state of mind contributes to his unconventional movements and reinforces his devotion to the game. “If you give it all, you perfect your craft, you’re happy doing it, it’s going to show,” Kyrie says.


Third Eye Vision has nourished Kyrie’s personal growth and his devotion for the game. “My profession in itself, I see it as a craft that I’m in love with rather than the lifestyle that comes with it,” Kyrie says. “It’s affected me in a positive way to just see basketball for a craft that I want to protect. If you give it all, you perfect your craft, you’re happy doing it, it’s going to show.”


Kyrie 5 "Third Eye Vision"

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