What is Nike Flyleather? "An engineered leather material that looks, feels and smells like natural leather, made by binding at least 50% reclaimed leather fibres together in an innovative, environmentally sustainable, water-powered process".


The Greatest Advance in Leather, Since Leather Nike Flyleather reclaims leather otherwise lost in the manufacturing process to create a material that's 40% lighter and five times more abrasion resistant than full grain leather. The process reduces our water use with a smaller carbon footprint vs traditional leather manufacturing.


Better by Nature In traditional leather shoe manufacturing, over 30% of a leather palette falls to tannery floors, eventually going to landfills. We reclaim these leather fibres to create a material that's better for the environment.


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Nike Flyleather is 40% lighter than full grain leather.


Durable Nike Flyleather is five times more abrasion resistant than full grain leather.


Sustainable Nike Flyleather reduces our carbon footprint by 80% vs traditional leather manufacturing.


Behind the Design The initial inspiration for Nike Flyleather was born out of a challenge to evolve leather into the performance material it once was—before the invention of advanced performance materials like engineered mesh and Flyknit. The key was to do so while still preserving the things people love about leather, like the look, feel and even the smell.

Another crucial factor lay in the desire to reduce the environmental footprint associated with leather manufacturing, which not only uses a lot of energy and chemicals, but also results in a great deal of leftover scrap material. The mission became not only to invent a better version of leather, but also to reinvent the material production process to be more sustainable. "Flyleather is Nike's most sustainable leather, including synthetic leather".


"Flyleather is Nike's most sustainable leather, including synthetic leather".
Bhupesh Dua, Director, Materials Technology at Nike


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