Nike Air


What is Nike Air? Nike Air technology consists of pressurised air inside a tough yet flexible bag and provides more flexibility and spring without compromising structure. The Air Sole units maintain their given form with elasticity, reduce impact and keep the shoe snug and lightweight.


Energy Absorption With each step, Nike Air cushioning absorbs impact and immediately returns to its original shape to protect the body. These innovations allow any athlete to perform harder, while providing flawless comfort. 


Lightweight Durability Nike Air cushioning reduces the weight of the shoe without reducing performance. The lighter the shoe is, the less energy athletes put out during their performance. Athletes need the cushioning in their footwear to last, and Nike Air is designed to provide support throughout the life of the shoe. 


The Technology of Air


Zoom Air Tightly stretched tensile fibres are knitted inside a pressurised Nike Air unit, giving the Zoom Air cushioning its snappy responsiveness. Each time an athlete's foot touches down, the fibres compress to cushion the impact before quickly springing back to their original state, generating an explosive, powerful response off the ground. Whether elite athletes are racing or training, they look to Zoom Air for a fast, responsive ride and that snappy, quick-off-the-ground feel that helps optimise their quest for speed.


Max Air Max Air was Nike's first visual expression of Air technology. Inspired by the avant-garde, inside-out architecture of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Hatfield gave birth to the Air Max by opening a literal window to the sole. It single-handedly kick-started a revolution in the footwear industry.


Sustainable Innovation Air delivers on our most daring dream: helping every athlete feel the unparalleled sensation of walking on air while protecting the environment where we live and play. All Air soles contain at least 50% recycled materials and are made with 100% renewable energy. Light on your feet. Lighter on waste. 


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