KYRIE IRVING Kyrie is the ultimate creator on the court. Through his style of play, he is well respected. His peers see him as shifty, unpredictable and unmatched when it comes to stopping and starting in an instant.

A smothering defence can wreak havoc on your game, causing the court to feel congested. All you want is what Kyrie wants—space to crossover, to cut, to spin, to step back—space to get a bucket. All you need is what Kyrie has—the cut-sharpening, defender-shaking decoupled outsole of the Kyrie 4.

KYRIE 4 'THINK TWICE' Kyrie knows that to shock the world, you need a fearlessness that challenges conventional wisdom. Having a mind of your own creates open conversations and imaginative discussions. 'Think Twice' honours Kyrie's personal philosophy of 'Just Be You', and his belief that you need to challenge yourself to look beyond the horizon of what you already think and know.


KYRIE'S GAME-DAY KIT Represent Kyrie and his Boston Celtics in official NBA player apparel.


CUSTOMISE KYRIE SHOES WITH NIKEiD Customise your Kyrie 3 with team colours, your name or number, and the sole of your choice.