THAT BAREFOOT FEELING It feels good to run free, unburdened by shoes or socks, connecting with the ground, inciting your senses with texture and temperature. That feeling fuels the concept of natural motion—and Nike's mission to create shoes that place an athlete closer to the ground, more in tune with one's body and innate physical abilities.


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NIKE FREE FOR RUNNING Dual-density foam offers plush cushioning and flexibility in all directions.

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NIKE FREE FOR TRAINING The perfect combination of comfort and support for a smooth feel.

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NIKE FREE FOR STYLE Expand and contract with every stride for a natural feel underfoot.


THE BIRTH OF NIKE FREE Nike Free expanded what a shoe can do for the foot—and changed the way midsoles are made.


BAREFOOT STRENGTH On a trip to Stanford University in 2001, a group that included Tobie Hatfield (a Nike designer, and brother of Tinker) observed coach Vin Lananna's running team training barefoot on the grass of the university's golf course. Lananna shared his speculation that barefoot training strengthened the runners' feet—thereby improving performance. The insight catalysed Nike Free.


BAREFOOT ANALYSIS Using advanced sports science technologies such as pressure mapping and motion capture, researchers at the Nike Sport Research Lab were able to analyse the biomechanics of the toes, ankles, knees and hips as athletes ran barefoot on grass. This information provided the scientific basis for designers as they set out to design the first Nike Free.


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