By now you’ve experimented with going fast. The next run will take it up a notch.
Here are some tips to help you find your fast even faster.
FINDING YOUR PACE You have different gears when you run. During speed work, you should push yourself
to a point where you are a little uncomfortable. During every other run, you should be
able to talk (and breathe!) for the majority of the run. The correct pace is challenging,
but always sustainable.
FINISH FASTER THAN YOU STARTED Practice running negative splits—this means running the second half of your run faster
than the first. It may take some time to learn about your body in order to do this right,
but nothing feels better than flying along at the end of your run.
OWN YOUR OWN FAST Don’t compare yourself to others. The goal of each run is to be better at the end than
you were at the beginning. Focus on what you need to do to become a more elite
version of yourself and you will find your own fast.
PREP FOR YOUR NEXT SPEED RUN Think of your favorite track and field star. Imagine you’re that person. Now imagine
you’re that person running a race. In the Olympics. What they feel on that greatest stage
is what you are feeling during the Speed Run. The only difference between you and your
favorite runner is the time on the clock. You are both elite.