You’ve tackled a few different types of runs now. It’s time to start thinking about how your form will affect your running experience. BE UPRIGHT, NOT UPTIGHT Runners tend to hold tension in their upper body. Keep your head up, eyes forward (but be cautious of objects on the ground, such as tree roots while on a trail), let your arms swing naturally, and don’t bunch your shoulders or clench your fists. RELAXED RUNNING LEADS TO FAST RUNNING Keeping your face, neck and shoulders relaxed will help you avoid burning energy that you’ll need to finish strong. Relaxed running leads to fast running. BUT NOT TOO LOOSE... You want your stride to be consistent and efficient. Find the right balance. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU DON’TNEED TO CHANGE YOUR FORM TO GET FASTER Your body is unique. Because of that, you will naturally have your own stride. Embrace it. While there are some general tips, your form will become more efficient as you run more and get stronger.