FIVE TIPS FOR BEING A SMARTER RUNNER All great runners are savvy runners. To stay healthy and excel in your training, you have to be smart. These insights can help runners of all experience and fitness levels, and come straight from NRC expert coaches.



If you don’t know how to gauge your pace, experiment on feel. For a 10km pace, imagine running hard for 25 laps on an outdoor track or 6 miles on the roads. 5km pace should be faster. Mile pace even faster. You have different gears, and you’ll be surprised how well you already understand your body and its fitness level.



Fill some paper cups with water and put them in the freezer. When your knee, shin or Achilles starts to hurt, rip about half an inch off the top of the cup, exposing the ice. Now you can hold the bottom of the paper cup without your fingers getting cold. Give a 15-minute ice massage to your problem area.



That means your body is still recovering from training into your waking hours. Sleep is no longer enough. That’s okay, but if you find you’re getting more and more tired, even after recovery days, then you need to back-off training or re-evaluate how you’re recovering. Are you sleeping properly, eating well, hydrating correctly, running your recovery days the right way, and wearing the proper shoes?



Understand why you feel great. It may mean you can start training harder. It may also mean that you simply feel great. Nothing more. Nothing less. Make sure that dramatic changes in your training don’t occur just because of a good day, or a bad one. The pendulum goes just as far one way as it does the other.



For the same model and same version you’ve been running in, it should only take a few hours of walking around to break them in. For a new model or new version of your older shoe, give your body more time to adjust. Start with a few recovery runs a week, and increase from there.