RUN GEAR ESSENTIALS LET’S KICK IT OFF Okay. We’re Nike. Of course we mention shoes first. But trust us, it’s the one piece of the kit you can’t neglect when starting your running journey.

Don’t even think about grabbing an old pair of workout shoes to run in. And don’t pick your new running shoes because of style alone (even if those limited edition kicks would match your new fanny pack).

Get the shoes that fit your needs. Visit your nearest Nike Store for a free Run Analysis. This is when you run on the treadmill so Nike experts check your gait and see what shoes best fit your biomechanics. It takes a few minutes and will ensure you are kitted with the perfect pair.

If you can’t make it in the store, click here to live chat with a Nike Running Expert who can help answer your questions. You can also use the Nike Shoe Finder to explore our shoes based on how you want to run. Whether you want a fast, natural or easy ride, there’s a running shoe for you.
KIT Let’s start with the basics. Sure, we focus a lot on our innovations, but the reason all that tech matters is that some of this gear can help you run better. It can make you feel faster, more comfortable and more cool (which makes running more fun). Here’s a few things to think about when putting together your running kit. DON'T SWEAT IT One rule: Don’t run in a cotton t-shirt. Cotton fibers get heavy and stay wet when you sweat, which can make it hard to keep your cool. Shirts made of fabrics specifically engineered for running (like Dri-FIT) are great because they’re light, comfy, and they won’t get waterlogged. We recommend having one or two Dri-FIT shirts in your running closet. BOTTOM'S UP Most runners prefer running in shorts and/or tights. There’s a wide variety of styles and innovations for performance tights, and a wide variety of lengths and types of shorts. Tights can help keep your legs warm and prevent chaffing, while shorts are perfect for warmer days. What you wear is up to you, just be sure you wear bottoms that won’t slow you down. ROCK THOSE SOCKS Blisters suck. Runners’ socks can help you avoid them. They wick sweat better than regular socks, provide zoned cushioning for comfort, as well as compression that minimizes swelling. There are a lot of choices out there—from no-show to quarter to crew to over-the-calf—but your sock choice is really a matter of preference. SUPPORT YOUR GIRLS If you’re a woman, your sports bra matters as much as your shoes. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and type of bra – don’t be one of them. Help avoid back problems and seek maximum comfort with a bra that supports you on the run. Use the Nike Pro Bra 360 Fit service online to find your fit.