RUNNER'S LINGO The running terms to know. 1 – SPEED RUN A Speed Run is where you run fast for multiple brief periods. These intervals can be the same length and pace with the same amount of recovery time, or can involve various distances, paces and recovery periods. Intervals are the best way to improve your fastest pace. Ideally, this type of a workout is done on a track but it can be done just about anywhere. You may choose to use city blocks, traffic lights or even trees as interval markers. 2 – ENDURANCE RUN An Endurance Run is a long distance run at a comfortable pace. It is an essential part of your training that helps the body and mind adapt to increased distances. This run should be run as a Progression Run (see definition of Progression Run). 3 – RECOVERY RUN Recovery Runs are runs that start at a slower pace and finish at a faster pace. They improve stamina and allow the body to adapt to the stress of running. Anytime you're not doing a speed or strength workout, you should aim to run progressively. 4 – PROGRESSION RUN Progression Runs are the runs you do on days between your hard workouts. They shouldn't be challenging, but they should be run progressively (see definition of Progressive Run). Recovery Runs are just as important as your hard workouts. 5 – FARTLEK The Swedish term for speed play, a Fartlek works on speed and strength by alternating distances an paces during a continuous run. An example Fartlek workout structure could be one minute running easy followed by one minute running hard, repeated for a certain amount of minutes, miles or alternating every city block. 6 – TEMPO PACE This is the pace that teaches your body to be comfortable being uncomfortable by maintaining a quick and steady pace for a specified distance. 7 – STRIDES These are very short, fast efforts that build your overall speed without exhausting you. Not all-out sprints, but fast, relaxed running. Take plenty of recovery between each stride. Start with two or three after your run, and eventually work your way up. 8 – OVERPRONATION This occurs when your heel contacts the ground, and your foot rolls inward excessively as you toe-off with your big toe. 9 – PR OR PB A personal record or personal best – a person’s fastest time at any given distance. 10 – PACE When runners talk about pace, they are referring to the amount of time it takes to run one mile. So, 10-minute pace becomes a run at 10-minutes per mile.