Yeah, the health benefits are important, but there are so many more things that make running the coolest way to spend your free time. Here are a few of them.
THERE ARE NO SIGN-UP FEES No monthly fees! You don’t need a fancy gym membership. Just lace up and go, that’s it. And appreciate that you won’t be interrupted during your run by a guy grunting through squats in spandex. YOU CAN RUN ANYWHERE Lace up and the world is your oyster. Whether it’s your local high school track, the park, on a treadmill or even on vacation, log miles anywhere. MAKE RUNNING YOUR “ME TIME” Crazy commute? Cabin fever? Cramming for finals? Running is a great way to unwind, get outside, enjoy nature and find your Zen. Whether it’s catching up on your favorite podcast, listening to a new album, or enjoying some peace and quiet, running can be your escape. Just slip on those kicks and let the day’s pressures melt away. IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO Nothing makes you feel like you can take on the world quite like getting out for a run, especially in the early or late hours. You’ll be taking a stand against the twin villains known as Lethargy and Laziness, and people will take notice. With every stride, your legend grows. YOU CAN TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Progress is addictive, which is one reason many runners log their runs. With the Nike+ Running App, you can track your progress and compare how different workouts make you feel. Use the App anytime you get on the road to log your speed, distance and mood while you run. You can even share your mid-run selfies. YOU CAN MAKE NEW HUMAN FRIENDS… ...And spend quality time with the furry ones. Running is a great way to make new friends who all share a common goal or inspire your current group of friends to move towards a goal together. Remember, you can find friends to connect with using the Nike+ Running App. It’s also a great way to give your dog some exercise, fun in the sun and a different type of treat. YOU CAN EARN SOME BRAGGING RIGHTS It’s hard to beat the feeling of setting a goal, crushing it, and then letting your friends know. Make the Nike+ Running App your megaphone. Even if you don’t have a physical running group, your friends can cheer you on through Facebook and check out your post-run photos on Twitter and Instagram. OH YEAH, AND YOU CAN MAKE IT A FUN WAY TO STAY HEALTHY "Running just two or three times a week will help you feel better than ever. And what’s even better than a healthy fun run? A dance party run. Make your workout feel like an epic training montage with the Ready, Set, Go, Run playlist on Spotify. And move your heart rate to a whole new rhythm. Ready to put awesome into action? Let’s move to the beat."