CONGRATULATIONS. YOU MADE IT! You completed the Ready, Set, Go journey. Maybe you didn’t believe us, but you were a runner from the start. Now you’ve proved that fact to yourself. YOU ARE A RUNNER You learned about kilometre splits. You learned about Recovery Days. You learned about cross-training. You ran far. You ran smart. You ran FAST. You proved you were up for something new. You proved you could do all the same workouts as the elites. You proved you had it in you all along. The World of Running is yours. SO, WHAT NOW? Now you keep running. You’re in the opening chapter of a lifelong running story. There’s a phrase we use around here, and we think it applies to all running journeys… THERE IS NO FINISH LINE Running is an adventure. And it can take you places you couldn’t even imagine. Want to get faster or go further? Want to run a race? Or maybe join a run club? We’ve got you…

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